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Manpower Programs in the Polict Mix каталог andi in the mix
Manpower Programs in the Polict Mix
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Marketing Mix Concept And Patient Relationship In General Hospitals каталог andi in the mix
Hospital as a public service institution plays a very strategic role in the improvement of the community health status and as the health care facility. Originally, a hospital functioned only as a social service institution, but now it has changed to be an institution which should take the economic factor in to consideration or to be economically oriented because the hospital is also considered as a service business based on trust, morality and ethics. Among the efforts to support the changes of hospital function are the applications of the marketing mix concept and patient relationship in hospital marketing. The hospital marketing mix is adjusted with the required services which could produce the competitive advantages for the hospital. The marketing mix concept of the hospital is 9-P’s consisting of product, price, promotion, place, people, process, physical evidence, professional, performance. The patient relationship in the hospital marketing is the main key for marketing to establish the close relationship between the patient and hospital to acquire, retain and grow profitable customers to improve their trust for the profit of the company.
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Product Mix Strategies of Leading FMCG Industries in India каталог andi in the mix
A good research depends on a good problem. A well-defined problem is pre-requisite for a good research. In this context, the research problem considered is “Product Mix Strategy of Leading FMCG's in India Market"- With special Reference to Soaps and Detergents. Though, the wide range of soaps and detergents are being marketed by the companies, consumers belonging to different segments are not effectively delivered with the right products to the right customer at the right price at the right time. The studies, so far conducted on product mix strategies are not adequately focusing on bridging the gap between marketer and the prospects. Therefore, current study is designed to address those issues, which are very essential in designing customer oriented marketing mix strategy. This study is important because of the type of information it generates to assist in developing effective product mix in soaps and detergents. Since, product mix decision is critical decision, it involves huge investment and efforts, right information saves companies from the disaster.
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In The Mix 2017 Manila каталог andi in the mix
In The Mix 2017 Manila
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Adaptation of controllable variables in marketing mix каталог andi in the mix
A brief study about marketing mix and culture. This work is related to Volvo group India, how the company adapted controllable variables in its marketing mix with respect to the tastes and trends of people with various cultural backgrounds. I tried to find the company action towards reaching the people with sound marketing mix strategies. Apart from marketing mix i have chosen culture as a main factor that influences the marketing. I have applied Hofstede's model and Fons Trompeenars cultural dimension model to explain the customers behavioral attitude, which is driven by the culture.
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Product Mix Analysis using Soft Computing каталог andi in the mix
Advanced Manufacturing Technology, deals with high flexibility, high speed, least waste and computer based soft-computing techniques and application of hybridized artificial intelligence. Organizations continually strive to achieve their goal, but the contention in any manageable system is limited in achieving more of its goal by very small number of constraints. Theory of Constraints represented as linear programming mathematical model provide an explicit solution. The constraints in the Product-Mix problem are further explored and exploited, which contain fuzzy, imprecise, vague and uncertain parameters of the system, are optimized using fuzzy numbers, rough sets and evolutionary algorithms. Data model using the artificial neural networks, the fusion of neural networks and fuzzy adapt to the imprecise and fuzzy parameters is demonstrated. Flexible Manufacturing System has been tested and verified for the product mix problem, and the ease of implementation show the usefulness to obtain an optimal solution and decision making in real world problems. The paradigm shift in the aspect of manufacturing, soft computing is a road to model the Factory of the Future.
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A study on Marketing Mix of Marine Fish in Nellore District каталог andi in the mix
Fish is one of the highly perishable commodities and it occupies a very important place in socio-economic development of the country. A large section of economically underprivileged population in India gets livelihood by fish sector . Andhra Pradesh, on the East Coast of India, is the fifth largest state in India, not only in terms of area and population, but also in marine fish production. In spite of the fact that the fish is important diet, it is indeed the economic value of fish that spur production in Andhra Pradesh. There is abundant of research on operations of marine fish but not on consumption of the same. This research on marine fish give very insightful observations on consumption and other factors of market. While, individuals don't buy much fish, but their consumption is not so negligible. As far as price is concerned it appears that they may not mind spending money on marine fish once the consumer determined to buy. The cluster analysis gives more interesting findings in terms of people characteristics as who buy what? how much they really spend? significance of age and gender in consuming marine fish and etc.
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Developing an Internet Marketing Mix Matrix каталог andi in the mix
The lack of a practical Internet marketing tool which considers both product and customer dimensions and uses the Internet marketing mix as the main variable was the main problem and gap in the current literature which this book attempted to fill. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to identify the components of Internet marketing mix and the subcomponents related to them and to establish an Internet marketing mix matrix as a marketing tool. Another aim was to test customer maturity as the effective factor on the structure of the Internet marketing mix. Finally, an examined Internet marketing mix matrix was developed in this research.
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Marketing Mix for Tourism Products каталог andi in the mix
Marketing Mix is a combination of very important tools to penetrate, compete, and sustain in a competitive market either it is a product or service. There is always a discussion on the name and number of components of marketing mix. This book throws light on the importance of marketing mix. Also discusses with case studies about the name and number of components of marketing mix especially for tourism products. Finally advocates that the name and number of components of marketing mix can change according to situation and business environment. It would not be a wise decision of an entrepreneur to fix name and number of these components for all the situation and in all the stages of product life cycle.
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The effectiveness of marketing mix elements каталог andi in the mix
The marketing environment in Zimbabwe has changed in a series of dramatic and far reaching ways. Most significant of these changes has been the emergence of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The idea was born in 2002 after the realization that SMEs play a significant role in fostering economic growth. This has led to the proliferation of retailers. In practice, many retailing planners have responded by focusing to an ever greater degree upon short-term and tactical issues, arguing that, the marketing mix elements are of little value. In this book the author questions such assumptions and focuses upon the ways in which the retailing can be managed effectively and strategically. Hence this work postulates the four marketing mix elements (product, price, promotion and place) as arguments that determine effective performance of retailers. The thrust is on managers to consider and employ the four Ps effectively and efficiently in all their marketing endeavors. On the other hand, sales personnel should collaborate with management to improve their pricing strategies, distribution, promotion tools and product assortment. This would enable them to experience high sales and profit.
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Fish powder in instant fish soup mix каталог andi in the mix
Soup mix is a favorite dry food item all over the world. As a dry product it has very good storage life. It is made by combining different ingredients like meat, vegetables in stock or hot/boiling water, until the flavor is extracted; forming a broth. To increase the nutritional value, sometimes different additional powder is added with soup. Here in this study, Silver carp fish (Hypophthalmichthys molitriu) muscle powder is added to soup mix to increase protein content of soup mix. Ten percent fish powder containing soup shows best sensory attributes.
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Management of a high mix production system with interdependent demands каталог andi in the mix
Founded in 1946, Instron® is the recognized worldwide market leader in the materials testing industry. Their products cover different areas of testing, and consist in combinations of machines and accessories, according to customers' requirements. The high level of customization and the demand correlation between different products required increased efficiency and effectiveness in inventory management, and represented a challenge for inventory control framework design."Management of a high mix production system with interdependent demands" addresses this challenge. At first, models of product line, demands correlation and customer expectation are obtained. Based on these models, two inventory control frameworks are proposed and validated using simulation: a fixed service level policy for the raw materials and an optimized policy for the finished goods. In addition to optimizing the service levels, the two proposed policies are expected to reduce the inventory value on hand by 30% and 35%, respectively.
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