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Joseph Conrad Collected Short Stories I отсутствует classic english stories
Joseph Conrad was a Polish-British writer regarded as one of the greatest novelists to write in the English language. Though he did not speak English fluently until his twenties, he was a master prose stylist who brought a non-English sensibility into English literature. Collected Short Stories I contains two of the Conrad's most powerful, gripping stories, including Amy Foster - a classic story of a young foreign man who survives a shipwreck off the coast of Kent, England.
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Отсутствует Classic english stories отсутствует classic english stories
Аудиокнига прочитана на английском языке и будет интересна всем изучающим английский язык и совершенствующим свои навыки в нем. Charles Dickens. THE Baron of grogzwig Charles Dickens. The queer chair Jerome K. Jerome. From «evergreens» Jerome K. Jerome. A Pathetic story Rudyard Kipling. The gardener Virginia Woolf. The legacy
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Arthur Conan Doyle Danger! And Other Stories отсутствует classic english stories
Arthur Conan Doyle was an English writer best known for his detective stories about Sherlock Holmes. "Danger! And Other Stories" is a collection of fascinating short stories like "One Crowded Hour," "A Point of View," "How It Happened," "The Prisoner's Defence," and "Three of Them."
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Ida Rodich Something about Martha. Short stories for English learners отсутствует classic english stories
The bilingual book (English-Russian) contains warm-hearted everyday stories useful to children and adults. Excellent illustrations. Corrector is a native English speaker. Двуязычная книга (английский и русский языки) содержит душевные истории из повседневной жизни, полезные для детей и взрослых. Красивые иллюстрации. Корректор – носитель английского языка.
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Coldplay Coldplay. Ghost Stories. Live 2014 (CD + DVD) отсутствует classic english stories
Bonus DVD: Picture Format: NTSC 16x9 Format: DVD-9Color Mode: Color Region Code: 0 (All)Language And Audio Content: English / Dolby Digital 5.1, English / DTS 5.1, English / PCM 2.0 Subtitles: English
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Arthur Conan Doyle Collected Short Stories IV: The Parasite отсутствует classic english stories
Arthur Conan Doyle was an English writer best known for his detective stories about Sherlock Holmes. This book consists of one fascinating mystery novel "The Parasite" and two intriguing short stories: "The Love Affair of George Vincent Parker" and "The Cabman's Story".
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J. K. Jerome Collected Short Stories II отсутствует classic english stories
Jerome Klapka Jerome was an English writer and humourist. Collected Short Stories is a series of sketchy tales of relationships and acquaintences. These are gentle, undemanding stories of couples in love, several men with peculiar character traits and anecdotal mishaps.
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