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Standart Catalog of World Paper Money bd falcon catalog
The world leader in specialized paper money! With the invaluable input from more than 50 international contributors, the "Standard Catalog of World Paper" Money, Specialized Issues, is the largest and most comprehensive catalog featuring world bank notes of a specialized nature-notes issued by states, municipalities and private companies in addition to nationally issued Foreign Exchange Certificates and military-use currency. You'll find: 27,500 note varieties listed and priced in up to three grades of condition. Nearly 12,000 illustrations making identification of notes easy. Charts for grading terminology, international numerals, dating and overprints. The new twelfth edition includes complete listings for China's foreign, military and early Communist era banks; Central and South American provincial, private and commercial banks; commercial bank of the German States, Swiss Cantons and France, as well as issues of the Mexican Revolution era and much more.
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Sergeev, Andrei Barbarian coins in the territory between the Balkans and Central Asia. Catalog of Andrei Sergeev's Collection at the State Historical Museum (Moscow) bd falcon catalog
В данной книге полностью публикуется коллекция трагически погибшего в 1998 году А.Я. Сергеева. Опубликовано 755 монет. 255 стр. Книга ценна публикацией многих подражаний, которые характерны именно для бывшего СССР (Крым, Кавказ, Средняя Азия). Данные типы часто появляются на нашем рынке, но по ним нет литературы, т.к. в зарубежных публикациях они не охвачены. Помимо коллекции в книге опубликованы ВСЕ статьи А.Я. Сергеева по варварским подражаниям. ============================== COMPUTER TRANSLATION: In this book, published a collection of completely died tragically in 1998 AY Sergeyev. In this book 755 coins are described. Book is valuable print of many imitations that are specific for the former USSR (the Crimea, the Caucasus, Central Asia). These types often appear in our market, but it is not literature, because in foreign publications are not covered. In addition to the book collection of all articles published AY Sergeyev's barbaric imitations.
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United States Paper Money Errors: A Comprehensive Catalog & Price Guide bd falcon catalog
Error notes continue to carve an ever larger niche in paper money collecting. This revised reference offers collectors a comprehensive catalog of known U.S. paper money errors and includes examples of each error and detailed information on paper money printing. Updated values are provided in up to three conditions. Errors are thoroughly described and depicted, including overprint, folding and first and second printing errors. Historical photographs from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing reveal rarely seen images of U.S. paper money workers inside the printing office.
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