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BLE Shield Bluetooth V4.0 Extension Board Module (Works w/ Official Arduino Products) - Multicolored blueduino rev2 arduino dev board ble 4 0 with lipo charger and microusb cable
Brand No Model BLE Shield Quantity 1 Color White + black + yellow Material FR4 Features BLE Shield helps to use ZB module on Arduino platform; use Arduino serial port to communicate with ZBmodule module; it can be used individually or on Arduino platform. Specification Voltage: 5v; supports I2C and SPI shifting; compatible with XBEE wireless module Bluetooth 4.0 BLE module. Application Provides XBEE wireless module Bluetooth 4.0 BLE interface change I2C and SPI interface level change for Arduino. Other Compatible model: Iphone 5Iphone 4SIpad MINI The New Ipad Ipod Touch iOS 5.1.1 or above; iOS 6.1 and above is recommended (Android 4.3 is needed); hardware: Arduino Uno R3Arduino Leonardo R3Arduino MEGA R3; BLE Shield l Phone 5Iphone 4SIpad MINI The New Ipad or Ipod Touch. BLE shield: use pin header to lead all IO port on Arduino and 5v power to GND to facilitate steering engine. English Manual/Spec N/A Keywords BLE data: http://m5.img.dxcdn.com/CDDriver/CD/sku.259901.png ; download: https://itunes. .com/cn/app/controlmore/id625652505?mt=8 Packing List 1 x Module
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