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St. Petersburg fortec catalog

St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg fortec catalog
Interact Media presents a film about one of the most beautiful cities in the world: St. Petersburg, Russia. Founded 300 years ago on the banks of the River Neva by Peter the Great, this city is often called the "Northern Venice". St. Petersburg draws people from all over the world with its grand beauty, amazing architecture, and unique spirit. See the world-famous Hermitage Museum, the Summer Garden, the old ships on the Neva, the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood, the stunning panorama from the heights of St. Isaac's Cathedral, and so much more. Startingfrom the city's earliest known history, this film traces the building of St. Petersburg, leading you through all the city's remarkable spots in time and space. You will treasure this complete visual catalog of the wonders and mysteries of St. Petersburg.
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Amazing Animal Facts Postcards fortec catalog
Housed in a keepsake box and arranged, much like a recipe box or card catalog, in tabbed sections (air, forest, sea, etc) this new format posctard box lets the user share all the curious knowledge and amazing artwork that makes Maja's book so special. From the Otters (they hold hands when they sleep in the water so they don't float away from each other!) to the elephant (mother elephant pregnanices last two years!) each postcard presents a unique look at the animal kingdom that will delight and astound. 50 postcards; 25 designs repeating, printed on toothy uncoated stock, with the animal's biological classifcation on the back.
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100 British Chairs fortec catalog
100 British Chairs depicts a selection of chairs that date from several important periods in the history of British chair design. Presented in a roughly chronological sequence, the emphasis is on early (pre-1745) and late (post-1840) periods. The presentation is also thematic, and this more accurately represents the purpose of the book, which is to illustrate some of the key developments in British chair design in the chosen periods. Design and development before 1740 were largely the work of artists and craftsmen whose names have been lost, so the chairs are mostly unattributed and arranged by type and period. The later chairs are arranged differently, highlighting the work of well-known designers of the Gothic Revival, Arts and Crafts, and other progressive British design schools. Readers wanting more detailed information can find it, together with numerous images, in the full online catalog - www. crabtreefarmcollections.org - which will be continually developed and updated to include new research.
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Deron Wagner Trading ETFs. Gaining an Edge with Technical Analysis fortec catalog
A comprehensive catalog of exchange-traded funds and insights into successful trading techniques This Second Edition of the bestselling Trading ETFs offers an updated version of the definitive guide to this vital part of the capital markets. It contains numerous new examples of the techniques that author Deron Wagner uses in selecting the most timely ETFs to trade and underscores the core insights of his trading discipline «trade what you see, not what you think.» Written for professionals who are using, or should be using, ETFs as an asset class within their portfolios, as well as the individual investor who wants exposure to wider sectors and geographical regions than those available elsewhere. This revised edition of the classic resource focuses on the pros, cons, and potential pitfalls of trading the latest class of ETFs Includes inversely correlated and leveraged ETFs and the dangers, risks, and benefits associated with each new class of ETF Contains a refresher on the initial concept of ETF selection and new case studies on ideal entry and exit points as well as examples of real trades This thoroughly revised and updated edition offers a «go-to» reference for understanding exchange-traded funds.
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Fiske Jay R. The Big Book of Benefit Auctions fortec catalog
The Big Book of Benefit Auctions is the ultimate step-by-step handbook on how to plan and have a successful and effective auction. Auction committees will find it an invaluable reference as it provides all the tools they will need for complete auction planning and management. From setting the goal for the event, to organizing the committee, procuring auction items, building the audience, preparing the catalog and through auction night cashiering (check out) services, everything you will want to know about the auction process is readily at your fingertips in this resource guide. The book will not only contain important «how to» information, it will also explain why some decisions and activities are not only good practices, they are essential to having a well-run and efficient event. Also, the book will discuss important strategies for maximizing revenue at your event, and will cover common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
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Manish Bansal Business Dashboards. A Visual Catalog for Design and Deployment fortec catalog
Focusing on designing the right dashboards for use in an organization, this timely, full color book reveals how to successfully deploy dashboards by building the optimal software architecture and dashboard design. In addition, it describes the value of this popular technology to a business and how it can have a significant impact on performance improvement. A unique collection of more than 120 dashboard images are organized by category. One of the chapters provides a step-by-step description of the key performance indicator (KPIs) design process. One of the appendices contains more than 1,000 examples of KPIs to help design the content of dashboards. The book also describes all the steps in a dashboard implementation and offers related advice. Nils Rasmussen (West Hollywood, CA) is cofounder and Principal of Solver, Inc. Claire Y. Chen (Long Beach, CA) is a Senior Business Intelligence Architect at Solver, Inc. Manish Bansal (Irvine, CA) is Vice President of Sales at Solver, Inc.
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Mehano Железная дорога Mehano TGV POS fortec catalog
Железная дорога MEHANO TGV POS - это миниатюрный скоростной состав. Обтекаемые линии, стальной цвет в сочетании с благородным синим, быстрое движение поезда делают его похожим на механическую птицу, которая летит по рельсам, будто не касаясь их. Это стремительное изящество вписано в рамки рельсового овала, но при желании железнодорожное полотно можно увеличить, ведь все элементы железных дорог MEHANO совместимы друг с другом. Рельсы металлические, колеса паровозов из металла. Характеристики железной дороги MEHANO TGV POS: масштаб 1:87; работает от электрической сети через адаптер – 220 вольт; возможность изменения скорости движения; размер собранного железнодорожного полотна: 130 см х 95,5 см; ширина колеи: 16,5 мм. Все элементы комплекта совместимы с другими сборными моделями железной дороги MEHANO, так что юный машинист сможет прокладывать различные маршруты, строить новые станции и придумывать неповторимый, свой собственный уникальный ландшафт. Состав набора: один ведущий и один ведомый локомотив, 2 вагона; 2,85 метров железнодорожного полотна: 11 радиальных рельс и 1 радиальный рельс/контактный; 1 сетевой адаптер; 1 пульт-контроллер; 13 клипс/соединителей; подробная инструкциями по сборке и управлению (с иллюстрациями). Источник: https://mpitoys.ru/catalog/product/102716/ © Мир Правильных игрушек
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Kenneth Schaefer Professional SharePoint 2010 Development fortec catalog
Learn to leverage the features of the newest version of SharePoint, in this update to the bestseller More than simply a portal, SharePoint is Microsoft's popular content management solution for building intranets and Web sites or hosting wikis and blogs. Offering broad coverage on all aspects of development for the SharePoint platform, this comprehensive book shows you exactly what SharePoint does, how to build solutions, and what features are accessible within SharePoint. Written by one of the most recognized names in SharePoint development, Professional SharePoint 2010 Development offers an extensive selection of field-tested best practices that shows you how to leverage the vast power of this multi-faceted tool to build custom workflow and content management applications. Plus, you'll discover how to take advantage of the new features to roll out new SharePoint sites or upgrade existing sites. SharePoint guru Tom Rizzo offers broad coverage of the newest version of SharePoint, Microsoft's popular content management solution Addresses how the new version adds enhanced developer support for ASP.NET, Ajax, LINQ, and Silverlight Demonstrates how to take advantage of new features, including improvements to offline and mobile client capabilities, social networking additions, and more Covers user experience development, platform services, social media features, event handling, the business data catalog, forms and workflow, business intelligence, and more With this book, you'll get exhaustive coverage on the many possibilities that exist with SharePoint.
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И. Б. Короткина Academic Vocabulary for Social Sciences / Академическая лексика социальных дисциплин fortec catalog
Учебное пособие помогает правильно понимать, интерпретировать и использовать англоязычную академическую лексику в контексте общественных наук, в увлекательной форме развивая аналитические, лингвистические и общекультурные навыки, способствующие эффективности обучения в университете и успешной коммуникации в международной научной среде. В основе подхода лежит словообразование, не свойственное современному английскому языку, но характерное для латинско-греческих заимствований, составляющих порой до 90% лексики научного текста. Умение оперировать этим словообразованием позволяет не только понимать академическую лексику и терминологию без словарей, но и правильно пользоваться ею при написании научного текста. Учебник содержит ключи и пояснения на русском языке, поэтому его можно использовать как в студенческой аудитории, так и в самостоятельной работе специалистов при подготовке публикаций на английском языке. Ряд заданий сопровождают ПИУМы – интерактивные учебные материалы в программе PowerPoint, которые можно найти на сайте Издательского дома ВШЭ https://id.hse.ru/books/catalog/2016/ или на сайте автора http://korotkina.ru/publications/interactive_slides/ .
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Shaun Rein The End of Cheap China, Revised and Updated. Economic and Cultural Trends That Will Disrupt the World fortec catalog
“REIN MASTERFULLY CAPTURES WHERE [CONSUMERS] HAVE BEEN AND WHERE THEY DREAM OF GOING.” —FORTUNE PRAISE FOR THE END OF CHEAP CHINA “Brilliantly written.” —Financial Times “Rein combines elegant writing and methodical research. Years of working in China have given him access to important players. Incisive interviews with billionaires, business executives, government officials, and migrant workers guide the pulse of the narrative . . . essential reading.” —USA Today “Engaging. Full of vivid anecdotes from Chinese billionaires to senior party officials and even prostitutes. For any foreigners thinking about doing business in the Middle Kingdom, The End of Cheap China is a good place to start.” —Reuters “Must-read.” —Consulting Magazine “A lively read.” —Straits Times “An inside look.” —Industry Week “Compelling, engaging, informative.” —The Cayman Islands Journal “Lively, well-written book.” —South China Morning Post “Engaging, highly readable style with real-life examples from vast catalog of China research. For good measure, Rein wedded into China’s elite, marrying the granddaughter of 1980s Politburo chairman Marshal Ye Jianying” —Asia Times
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Jesse Feiler iOS 6 Foundations fortec catalog
A practical introduction for using iOS 6 to create universal apps If you have prior experience programming in an object-oriented language and are eager to start building universal apps for iPad and iPhone (including the iPod touch), then this is the book for you! Using the latest version of iOS (iOS 6) along with the latest version of Xcode (Xcode 4.5), this book is a practical introduction rather than just a catalog of components. Full-color and packed with groundbreaking, innovative designs, this book teaches you how to create eye-catching, unique apps. Teaches you the various aspects of iOS development, beginning with getting started with iOS 6, getting Up to Speed with Xcode, and learning the tools and Objective-C Reviews building the user interface with Xcode and Interface Builder Details how to set up your app in iTunes connect and distribute it through the app store Walks you through adding features like geo-location and twitter sharing Helps you avoid common pitfalls and design decisions related to user experience and iOS programming iOS 6 Foundations is organized so that each chapter builds on the previous, providing you with a finished app by the end of the book.
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Mark Grand Patterns in Java. A Catalog of Reusable Design Patterns Illustrated with UML fortec catalog
"This is the best book on patterns since the Gang of Four's Design Patterns. The book manages to be a resource for three of the most important trends in professional programming: Patterns, Java, and UML." —Larry O'Brien, Founding Editor, Software Development Magazine Since the release of Design Patterns in 1994, patterns have become one of the most important new technologies contributing to software design and development. In this volume Mark Grand presents 41 design patterns that help you create more elegant and reusable designs. He revisits the 23 «Gang of Four» design patterns from the perspective of a Java programmer and introduces many new patterns specifically for Java. Each pattern comes with the complete Java source code and is diagrammed using UML. Patterns in Java, Volume 1 gives you: 11 Behavioral Patterns, 9 Structural Patterns, 7 Concurrency Patterns, 6 Creational Patterns, 5 Fundamental Design Patterns, and 3 Partitioning Patterns Real-world case studies that illustrate when and how to use the patterns Introduction to UML with examples that demonstrate how to express patterns using UML The CD-ROM contains: Java source code for the 41 design patterns Trial versions of Together/J Whiteboard Edition from Object International (www.togetherj.com); Rational Rose 98 from Rational Software (www.rational.com); System Architect from Popkin Software (www.popkin.com); and OptimizeIt from Intuitive Systems, Inc.
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Dependency Injection in .NET fortec catalog
Dependency Injection in .NET, winner of the 2013 Jolt Awards for Productivity, presents core DI patterns in plain C#, so you'll fully understand how DI works, covers integration with standard Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET MVC, and teaches you to use DI frameworks like Structure Map, Castle Windsor, and Unity.About the TechnologyDependency Injection is a great way to reduce tight coupling between software components. Instead of hard-coding dependencies, such as specifying a database driver, you inject a list of services that a component may need. The services are then connected by a third party. This technique enables you to better manage future changes and other complexity in your software.About this BookDependency Injection in .NET introduces DI and provides a practical guide for applying it in .NET applications. The book presents the core patterns in plain C#, so you'll fully understand how DI works. Then you'll learn to integrate DI with standard Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET MVC, and to use DI frameworks like StructureMap, Castle Windsor, and Unity. By the end of the book, you'll be comfortable applying this powerful technique in your everyday .NET development.This book is written for C# developers. No previous experience with DI or DI frameworks is required.Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook from Manning. Also available is all code from the book.Winner of 2013 Jolt Awards: The Best Books - one of five notable books every serious programmer should read.What's InsideMany C#-based examplesA catalog of DI patterns and anti-patternsUsing both Microsoft and open source DI frameworks
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Deron Wagner Trading ETFs. Gaining an Edge with Technical Analysis fortec catalog
An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a basket of stocks that trades on an exchange with the same simplicity and liquidity of an individual stock. By the end of 2007, 546 ETFs were trading on U.S. exchanges and some 450 were in registration. The total asset growth of ETFs has been equally impressive, doubling every year since 1994 and reaching $5.8 billion in 2007. In Trading ETFs: Gaining an Edge with Technical Analysis money manager Deron Wagner introduces the major types and families of ETFs and then provides step-by-step guidance to picking and trading funds. Benefits of ETFs include: Exposure to equities at a lower level of risk than trading individual stocks Lower fees Access to markets that were previously difficult and expensive to participate in, including: Government Treasury bonds, international markets, commodities and even currencies. Unlike other books on ETFs, Wagner's strategies are based on technical analysis, a method of timing the market that greatly improves an investor's chances of predicting short and intermediate term ETF trends. Benefits of Wagner's approach include: A 'top down' trading strategy that increases an investor's odds of success A method for identifying the strongest sector indexes A method for identifying the ETF families with the greatest relative strength ETFs are as easy to invest in as mutual funds and they will soon be as popular. Wagner's comprehensive catalog of the ETFs now available, his insights into successful trading techniques, and his solid research and informative examples, will be an invaluable resource for everyone trying to come up to speed on this new investment opportunity. Gold Medal Winner (tie), Investing Category, Axiom Business Book Awards (2009)
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