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Суперхит 2001 года! Амитабх Баччан ("Бог свидетель"), Акшай Кумар ("Заложник любви"), Каришма Капур ("Вернуть сына") в мелодраме "Узы любви". После завершения учебы в колледже Аджай возвращается домой. Здесь в большом особняке дружной семьей живут его родные, отец - крупный промышленный магнат, мать, старшая сестра с мужем и две младшие сестры. В родных краях он находит свою любовь - красавицу Нишу. Но не долго длится светлая полоса в его жизни. Оболганный, он оказывается изгнанным из родного дома, да и отношения с Нишой дают трещину...
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Krishna: defender of dharma krishna одежда купить
Krishna: defender of dharma
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И прольется дождь krishna одежда купить
Бобби Деол ("Солдат"), Бипаша Басу ("Земля"), Приянка Чопра ("По воле рока"), Шарад Саксена ("Только мы") в мелодраме Сунила Даршана ("Зверь") - "И прольется дождь".Любовь вас накрывает, как дождь. Порой его ждешь, но он непредсказуем и неуправляем. Дождь может подарить жизнь, но может и лишить ее. Вот и в нашем любовном треугольнике чувства проливаются грозовым дождем…
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Да... и я люблю тебя krishna одежда купить
Акшай Кумар ("Долг превыше всего"), Каришма Капур ("Жена номер один"), Абхишек Баччан ("Магия крови") в мелодраме "Да... и я люблю тебя".Оказавшись не способной простить мужу измену, Пуджа добивается развода и возвращается на родину в Бомбей. Здесь она устраивается на работу секретарем к киноактеру Раджу Малхотре.Раджу нравится Пуджа и вскоре он предлагает ей руку и сердце.Свадьбу намечено провести в Швейцарии, куда Радж отправляется на съемки...
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Sri Krishna Speaks... krishna одежда купить
The rose in the garden gradually takes it shape and colour to become beautiful and sweet not by a blind physical law, although it appears like that. Behind that physical law is the direction of the complete consciousness of the supreme Lord Krishna, otherwise things cannot take shape so systematically. May Lord Krishna, the joy of Devaki, the very life of Radha, the in-dwellers of our hearts, the beloved of Gopis, protect and guide you all! May you all hear once more His sweet flute, the celestial music of the soul! May He become the charioteer of the body! May you all abide in Him forever and enjoy the eternal bliss and supreme peace!
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Flood Disaster Management In River Basin krishna одежда купить
In recent years there have been a number of significant riverine floods all around the world which caused enormous damage both in terms of loss of life and economics. River Krishna is one of the flood prone rivers of the world. Low lying villages in the Sangli District of Maharashtra State on the banks of the river Krishna gets inundated in times of floods. The river Krishna affects 32 villages every year. In the Sangli district 15 floods occurred in last the 30 years. So, there is need to study the floods of the Sangli district from the geographical point of view. Because, geographer plays an important role in solving the flood problems and its flood management. The study of flood problem is most useful to the district council. By studying actual causes of the flood and knowing the most affected areas, district council can eradicate the problem of flood hazard. This book has addressed the floods of the year 2005 and 2006 faced by Sangli district especially experienced by the Miraj, Palus, Walwa and Shirala tehsils. The main objective of the book is to find out causes and impact of floods and to suggest comprehensive plan for the flood disaster management in the Indian context.
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A study on HIV infected children from Krishna district, A.P., India krishna одежда купить
More than 1,000 children are newly infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) every day and out of these, more than half will die as a result of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) because of the lack of access to HIV treatment. In addition, millions of children every year are indirectly affected by the epidemic, so as a result of this death and suffering caused in their families and communities according to WHO/UNAIDS/UNICEF. The present epidemiological study on HIV children of Krishna district revealed 6% seroprevalence and mode of infection was by mother to child transmission (MTCT). The antiretroviral therapy (ART) to these children of Krishna has significantly increased their CD4 counts. Thus the goal of ART includes reduction of HIV-associated morbidity and mortality, preservation or restoration of immune function and reduction of HIV viral replication. By providing appropriate moral support and by developing positive attitude psychologically, we can sure achieve “A generation of children free from AIDS which is not impossible”. And more research is needed on paediatric and adolescent HIV population because children are the main national wealth of our future.
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Flora of Gunadala Hill” Krishna District, A.P., India krishna одежда купить
This book entitled “FLORA OF GUNADALA HILL” KRISHNA DISTRICT, A.P., INDIA contains the important results of the floristic studies carried out on Gunadala hill. Among the hills, Gunadala hill is a part of Eastern Ghat. Even though the district flora was completed in 1987, hill habitants were over looked. No authentic evidences are available for supporting the detailed study of hill habitants. Increased biotic pressure, loss of regeneration, invasion by edge species and alternation in community structure are the few manifestations affecting biodiversity. With numerous nomenclatural changes made by ICBN in course of time with the identification of new species from different geographical localities and biotic interferences made by anthropogenic activities, there is a need to revise and update the flowering plants of the hill. Hence, an attempt was made to carry out a systemic survey of the flora existing on the hill. Altogether 30 field surveys were done covering all seasons during a period of 18 months. The species have been enumerated systematically. Of the 197 collections, 28 species are newly recorded which were not reported in the Flora of Krishna District.
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Impact of Climate change on Groundwater Recharge in Bhadar basin krishna одежда купить
The groundwater recharge estimated by different methods like water balance, Krishna Rao(1970) and water table fluctuation were compared. The groundwater recharge depth for the entire basin was obtained by area weightage method. The trend analysis for all the time series was carried out by Mann-Kendall, Sen’s slope and best fit trend line method.The climate change impacts on rainfall favors to increase the rainfall significantly in 3 out of 9 watersheds while the runoff is found increasing in 3 out of 9 watersheds of the basin. The runoff in Bhadar basin is found increasing at the rate 8.1 mm per decade respectively. The groundwater recharge estimated by water balance method was found higher as compared to Krishna Rao (1970) and water table fluctuation method. The groundwater recharge estimated by water balance, Krishna Rao (1970) and water table fluctuation methods is found increasing in 3, 3 and 6 watersheds out of 9 watersheds of the basin. The groundwater recharge in the basin during monsoon is found increasing at the rate of 4.4 mm per decade in water table fluctuation methods due to climate change impacts.
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Krishna Sobti and her selected Female Characters krishna одежда купить
Krishna Sobti, was born in Gujarat (West Punjab, in present-day Pakistan) on February 18, 1925. She is a well-known Hindi fiction writer. Her style and finesse to play with the emotional aspects of her writings impart an authentic touch to whatever class of themes and myriad situations she portray. The quintessence of her imagination lies in her honesty and impatience to reach the truth and to delve deep into things, rather than merely look at them. The present study is an attempt to investigate her work with a feminist lens, focusing on her female characters in three of her novels namely Daar Se Bichudi, Mitro Marjani and Dil-o-Danish.
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Lord of Light krishna одежда купить

Lord of Light

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Lord of Light krishna одежда купить
A distant world where gods walk as men, but wield vast and hidden powers. Are they truly immortal? Who are these gods who rule the destiny of a teeming world? Their names include Brahma, Kali, Krishna and also he who was called Buddha, the Lord of Light, but who now prefers to be known simply as Sam.
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Sergey Solovyov Crete-Mycenaean culture and religion as part of the Indo-European culture of the Bronze Age of Eurasia krishna одежда купить
This work revealed the secret of Acanthus, Meander, and Palmettes, Proved the identity of Apollo and Krishna on the basis of the frescoes from the island of Crete, revealed the purpose of the Double helix as a religious symbol.
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