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Napoleon Hill How To Sell Your Way Through Life miracool neck bandana re usable 100 s of times keeps you cool red 2 pack
TIMELESS WISDOM from the ORIGINAL PHILOSOPHER of PERSONAL SUCCESS «No matter who you are or what you do, you are a salesperson. Every time you speak to someone, share an opinion or explain an idea, you are selling your most powerful asset . . . you! In How to Sell Your Way Through Life, Napoleon Hill shares valuable lessons and proven techniques to help you become a true master of sales.» —Sharon Lechter, Coauthor of Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold; Member of the President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy «These proven, time-tested principles may forever change your life.» —Greg S. Reid, Coauthor of Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold; Author of The Millionaire Mentor «Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich and Laws of Success are timeless classics that have improved the lives of millions of people, including my own. Now, we all get the chance to savor more of his profound wisdom in How to Sell Your Way Through Life. It is a collection of simple truths that will forever change the way you see yourself.» —Bill Bartmann, Billionaire Business Coach and Bestselling Author of Bailout Riches (www.billbartman.com) Napoleon Hill, author of the mega-bestseller Think and Grow Rich, pioneered the idea that successful individuals share certain qualities, and that examining and emulating these qualities can guide you to extraordinary achievements. Written in the depths of the Great Depression, How to Sell Your Way Through Life explores a crucial component of Achievement: your ability to make the sale. Ringing eerily true in today's uncertain times, Hill's work takes a practical look at how, regardless of our occupation, we must all be salespeople at key points in our lives. Hill breaks down concrete instances of how the Master Salesman seizes advantages and opportunities, giving you tools you can use to effectively sell yourself and your ideas. Featuring a new Foreword from leadership legend Ken Blanchard, this book is a classic that gives you one beautifully simple principle and the proven tools to make it work for you.
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Tree or Three? An Elementary Pronunciation Course (+ 3 CD) miracool neck bandana re usable 100 s of times keeps you cool red 2 pack
Do you have trouble with your pronunciation? Are you sometimes misunderstood, even when you know the word is right? This book can help you! This fully-revised edition of the classic title, now in full colour, will help you make the distinction between similar sounds and make sure that you are understood - first time. The new edition has been re-written to make it suitable for either self-study or classroom use. MORE AUDIO Three audio CDs give lots of listening and pronunciation practice. EASY TO USE Stand-alone units allow you to focus on sounds that you find difficult. SYSTEMATIC Each unit offers comprehensive practice of sounds, with additional work on stress and intonation. EXTRA WEB SUPPORT Visit website for extra practice and support. The book comes in a self-study pack with three audio CDs. The book is also available separately for classroom use. If you enjoyed using this book, why not continue with the intermediate level "Ship or Sheep"?
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Kevin Hogan Covert Persuasion. Psychological Tactics and Tricks to Win the Game miracool neck bandana re usable 100 s of times keeps you cool red 2 pack
Praise for Covert Persuasion: «This book is a treasure trove of ideas you can use to turn a 'no' into a 'yes' almost instantly-in any sales situation.» -Brian Tracy, speaker and author of Create Your Own Future and Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life «Hogan is the master of persuasion. I urge you to persuade yourself to buy this book and everything he's ever written and recorded. It will help you understand yourself, understand others, and succeed. This information is bankable.» -Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Sales Bible, Little Red Book of Selling, and Little Red Book of Sales Answers «There's more wisdom in this book than in 500 pages on the same subject. Whether you need to persuade your lover, your spouse, your boss, your clients, your friends, or yourself, this powerhouse collection of mind tricks and secrets will give you the upper hand. In today's competitive world, this is the persuasion wizard's manual you need to control circumstances and get what you want.» -Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Life's Missing Instruction Manual and The Attractor Factor «When you read Hogan's writing, it feels like you're getting sage advice from a master. Would you like other people to decide on their own (or so they think) to go along with your every whim? Then this is the book you've been looking for.» -David Garfinkel, author of Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich «There is more practical information on the dynamics of selling and communication in these pages than you could ever acquire in a lifetime on your own through trial and error. Take advantage of the authors' wisdom and read this book!» -Todd D. Bramson, Certified Financial Planner and author of Real Life Financial Planning
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Mick Johnson Motivation is at 110%. How to quickly achieve results miracool neck bandana re usable 100 s of times keeps you cool red 2 pack
This training will help you increase your success at least 2 times. That is, if you earned one hundred thousand – will earn two hundred. It should be noted that the simplicity of presentation, the author submits the material is admirable. The training pays for all costs within the first day of active work. Be more successful with training Mick Johnson.
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Jon Gordon UNSTUCK. A Story About Gaining Perspective, Creating Traction, and Pursuing Your Passion miracool neck bandana re usable 100 s of times keeps you cool red 2 pack
Untwist the question mark from your life to start living authentically UNSTUCK offers a path forward for those who are «stuck»—despite the comfort, security, and what should feel like success. Do you feel disengaged from a life that looks good on paper? Do you feel like there must be something more? This is your guide to getting unstuck, breaking free of your comfortable cocoon, and discovering what you are meant to be. Through the story of George Johnson, a man in a position much like yourself, you'll learn how to shed the boredom, emptiness, and confusion so you can get on with your life. Whether you need a complete overhaul or just a jumpstart, you'll find the advice you need to start making it happen. More than just a story, this book shifts your perspective to help you realistically plan a transition from the ordinary present to the extraordinary future; emotional support coupled with practical guidance helps you find your path, identify your destination, and begin your journey. Re-think your purpose in life and discover your calling Rediscover the truth about yourself and who you really want to be Follow a clear formula for moving forward with authenticity Break out of your comfort zone and feel fully alive The fact that you've succeeded doesn't mean that you can never change; your dedication, commitment, and skills got you this far—imagine what they could do with a healthy dose of passion! You Unstuck re-acquaints you with your authentic self, helps you uncover your passion, and guides you toward your next big thing.
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