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Niamh Reilly Women's Human Rights niamh reilly women s human rights
Women's Human Rights: Seeking Gender Justice in a Globalising Age explores the emergence of transnational, UN-oriented, feminist advocacy for womens human rights, especially over the past three decades. It identifies the main feminist influences that have shaped the movement liberal, radical, third world and cosmopolitan and exposes how the Western, legalist, state-centric, and liberal biases of mainstream human rights discourse impede the realisation of human rights in womens lives everywhere. The book traces the evolution of the womens human rights movement through an examination of its key issues, debates, and practical interventions in international law and policy arenas. This includes efforts to: Develop global gender equality norms via the UN Womens Convention Frame violence against women as a human rights issue Address gender-based crimes in conflict situations, include women in conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction, and challenge new forms of militarism Highlight the gendered human rights dimensions of widening inequalities in a context of neo-liberal globalisation Develop human rights responses to anti-feminist fundamentalist movements with a focus on reproductive and sexual rights Ultimately, Women's Human Rights reaffirms a commitment to critically reinterpreted universal human rights principles and demonstrates the vital role that bottom-up, transnational movements play in making them a reality in women's lives.
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Nukila Evanty Indonesia Human Rights and the International Human Rights Regime niamh reilly women s human rights
The book explains the concept of International human rights regime and the movement of human rights norms which also review the concept of international human rights norms. Indonesia compliance's on human rights covenants under different regime of the Presidents in the stage 1945 to 2007 which is in the scope of international human rights regime which has long been faced human rights development and obstacles is the center of this book discussion.
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Veronika Haász National Human Rights Institutions in the UN human rights framework niamh reilly women s human rights
Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Public International Law and Human Rights, grade: A, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), course: Jura - Internationale Menschenrechte und Humanitäres Recht, language: English, abstract: National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) are cornerstones of strong domestic human rights protection systems. They play a crucial role in the promotion and protection of human rights at the national level. Within their broad mandate, they advise governments on various human rights issues, monitor the implementation of international human rights instruments, promote the harmonisation of national law and practice with the international human rights standards, disseminate human rights information, cooperate with regional and international human rights bodies, and remedy human rights violations.However, National Human Rights Institutions are primarily domestic instruments, they increasingly engage with the international human rights mechanisms. In the last 20 years, they became the practical link between international human rights standards and their concrete application at the national level. The institutions' interaction with the UN Charter-based and Treaty-based Bodies is a relatively new phenomenon and as such, has its obstacles.In order to clarify the nature and ways of co-operation between NHRIs and the UN human rights monitoring mechanisms, this Handbook sets out the characteris...
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S. Megan Berthold Human Rights-Based Approaches to Clinical Social Work niamh reilly women s human rights
Книга "Human Rights-Based Approaches to Clinical Social Work".
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David Baldwin The Public Librarian's Human Resources Handbook. Employer Rights and Responsibilities niamh reilly women s human rights
Книга "The Public Librarian's Human Resources Handbook. Employer Rights and Responsibilities".
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Nouha Rouabah Are International Human Rights Instruments Effective In Protecting People.s Rights from the Global Effects of Climate Change. niamh reilly women s human rights
Master's Thesis from the year 2017 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Public International Law and Human Rights, grade: A, Birkbeck, University of London, language: English, abstract: This study seeks to address the issue of climate change through a human rights lens by focusing on the causes of climate change and its impacts on both the environment and human rights. It highlights the close link between capitalist industrialization and environmental degradation and explains how this consequently leads to human rights violations.This research tackles human rights approach to climate change with a special focus on international human rights instruments mainly the two international covenants, the ICCPR and the ICESCR, it seeks to understand whether they impose international obligations on states to protect human rights from the adverse effects of climate change and how those imposed duties can be enforced to effectively protect people's rights.Unfortunately, this paper will reach to the conclusion that the existing human rights law does not adequately protect human rights from the lethal threat of climate change, due to the absence of a universally recognized right to a healthy environment, moreover, despite the possibility of the extraterritorial application of the ICESCR, the political will of states to cooperate under the provisions of the covenant to face the issue of climate change seems to be also absent.
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Niamh Baker Happily Ever After?. Women's Fiction in Postwar Britain 1945-60 niamh reilly women s human rights
Книга "Happily Ever After?. Women's Fiction in Postwar Britain 1945-60".
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Ann Marie Clark Diplomacy of Conscience. Amnesty International and Changing Human Rights Norms niamh reilly women s human rights
A small group founded Amnesty International in 1961 to translate human rights principles into action. Diplomacy of Conscience provides a rich account of how the organization pioneered a combination of popular pressure and expert knowledge to advance global human rights. To an extent unmatched by predecessors and copied by successors, Amnesty International has employed worldwide publicity campaigns based on fact-finding and moral pressure to urge governments to improve human rights practices. Less well known is Amnesty International's significant impact on international law. It has helped forge the international community's repertoire of official responses to the most severe human rights violations, supplementing moral concern with expertise and conceptual vision. Diplomacy of Conscience traces Amnesty International's efforts to strengthen both popular human rights awareness and international law against torture, disappearances, and political killings. Drawing on primary interviews and archival research, Ann Marie Clark posits that Amnesty International's strenuously cultivated objectivity gave the group political independence and allowed it to be critical of all governments violating human rights. Its capacity to investigate abuses and interpret them according to international standards helped it foster consistency and coherence in new human rights law. Generalizing from this study, Clark builds a theory of the autonomous role of nongovernmental actors in the ...
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Leah Propst Women.s Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories niamh reilly women s human rights
Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2015 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Public International Law and Human Rights, grade: 1, Carlow University (College of Leadership and Social Change), course: Internship, language: English, abstract: Women have struggled and continue to struggle for equal rights in virtually every nation of the world. In areas such as education, occupational opportunities, reproductive rights, freedom of movement, political participation, and healthcare, many women around the globe face limited options and social and political restrictions that are difficult if not impossible to overcome. These difficulties are uniquely apparent in the Palestinian Territories, where a complicated geopolitical situation exacerbates the traditional limitations on the rights of Middle Eastern women.The volatile living conditions in Palestine create issues regarding women's human rights. Limited mobility and lack of access to essential resources make it difficult for women to access adequate healthcare. Daily violence and social norms create barriers in education for girls and women in the Territories. The representation of women in the civic community is minimal due to women's lack of participation in political life. And domestic violence flourishes due to legal and social norms that are exacerbated by the ongoing conflict with Israel. Women's access to the legal system and justice, already made difficult by the Sharia Law under w...
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Syeda Jhuma, Sarwar Hossain International and National Discourse of Business and Children.s Rights. Bangladesh Perspective niamh reilly women s human rights
Seminar paper from the year 2014 in the subject Politics - International Politics - General and Theories, , language: English, abstract: The idea of business and human rights is an emerging concept of international law. Human rights are greatly influenced, positively or negatively, by the business activities of transnational corporations, industries and business enterprises. Consequently, business and children's rights are comparatively new and evolving agenda in international human rights law. Children's rights both as right holders and stakeholders have been affected by business activities. This article focuses on two basic questions. Firstly: how business activities affect the rights of children, especially child labourer's rights in the context of Bangladesh; and secondly: whether the laws and regulations of domestic and international law is sufficient to redress the violation of children's rights. The article's premise is to find what should be the role of different actors in connection to the rights of children affected by the activities of business. The article concentrates on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights, the UNICEF Global Compact and Save the Children "Children's rights and Business Principles known as CRB Principles" (May-2012) and the Committee on the Rights of the Child General Comment no.16 which deals with the obligations of states in relation to business and children's rights, Convention ...
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Nezir Akyesilmen Who is responsible for human rights. the state or corporations. niamh reilly women s human rights
Transnational business operations across the globe are common phenomenon and are increasingly more so in the age of globalization. While such operations are considered to be crucial for economic growth and development in the host countries, there are frequent allegations against TNCs of violation of human rights. The rights that are affected by TNCs activities vary from the right to self-determination to the right of life; from the right to strike to the right to a healthy environment and from the right of association to the right not to be discriminated against etc. The central question of this work is about the responsibility of actor(s) in the case of human rights violations. • What is the impact of the globalization process on the international human rights regime? • Who is responsible for such human rights violations: state(s) or transnational corporations (TNCs)? • Do TNCs need to be held responsible for human rights obligations? • How do the activities of non-state actors affect human rights? • Should non-state actors be directly responsible for human rights violations?
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Shewit Gebreegziabher The situations of trafficking women from Ethiopia to Sudan niamh reilly women s human rights
Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Public International Law and Human Rights, grade: Very good, Addis Ababa University (Center for Human Rights), course: Human Rights - Human trafficking, language: English, abstract: The study is primarily aimed at exploring the experiences of women who are victims of trafficking in women from Ethiopia to Sudan particularly through the Metema trafficking route. It demonstrates the way how the trafficking women victims were trapped by the web of the traffickers, means of transportations, and the manner of treatment throughout the trafficking process and the forms of exploitations faced by them at their arrival. Moreover, an endeavor is made to point out the human rights violations confronted by the trafficking women victims at each key stages of the trafficking process. The study is conducted in critical research approach and employed in-depth interviews, key informant interviews and focus group discussion vis-à-vis analysis of relevant literatures and secondary data sources as an instrument to solicit the necessary information for the research. The research found out that the women are pushed by poverty and allied factors and further hauled by the stories of attractive job opportunities and salary, pertaining to the false promises of the traffickers and individuals in the trafficking circle. Moreover, the findings signify that the women had experienced numerous human rights violati...
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Aneesh V. Pillai State of Emergency and Derogation of Human Rights niamh reilly women s human rights
The state of emergency poses a challenge to the protection of human rights. This is because state of emergency allows state's to take extraordinary measures including derogation of human rights. On one hand such measures are essential for sustaining the life of the nation which is under a threat and on the other hand these very measures may be misused for political or other gains. This book examines international and regional human rights framework which deals with state of emergency and derogation of human rights. It also discusses the national emergency and derogation of human rights in India.
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Goodale Human Rights niamh reilly women s human rights
Книга "Human Rights".
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