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Cute School Bus Style Mute LED Electronic Alarm Clock - Black + Yellow (2 x AAA) novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
Color Black + Yellow + Multi-Colored Model Z6 Material PC Quantity 1 Piece Voice Decibels 80dB Screen Type Mirror Battery included or not No Power Supply AAA Battery Number 2 Other Features With interesting sound and light effect; Its wheels can actually move like real cars! Packing List 1 x Clock
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Plastic Digital Beauty Mirror Style Clock - Blue (2 x AAA) novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
Can be used as mirror; LED time date display; Alarm clock; 24H format times
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6.2 x 3.2cm LCD Digital Timer - White (1 x AAA) novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
Can set time for cooking studying meeting and exercising etc. Function: timing and count down timing 99minutes as the max and 59 seconds as the minimum alarm rings when time's up With plastic magnet and holder on the back Function of the buttons: button on the left for minutes hold this button and after 3-5 minutes the number runs button in the middle for seconds hold this button and after 3~5 minutes the number runs; Powered by 1 x AAA battery (Not included); screen size ; 6.2 x 3.2CM
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2.4 Backlit LCD Digital Projection Calendar Clock - White (3 x AAA) novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
Color: White - 2.4 LCD display - Material: Plastic - Projects time date temperature and slides playing settings - 180 degrees swivel projector - Definition adjustable - Calendar reference from 2000 to 2099 - 12/24 hour format - Plays 16 classical songs as background music - 90 degrees rotating projection lens - Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
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Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Alarm Clock Calendar with Temperature Probe novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
This Digital Thermometer Hygrometer is a utility tool you can use to detect both the temperature and relative humidity of your room or outside temperature, as well as indicating and recording the maximum and minimum data. It features an external probe sensor which can extend to outdoor condition for temperature detection. And it provides a visual or audible alert when the external temperature probe indicates the indoor or outdoor temperature is 0 °C or below. Measure temperature in Celsius from -10 to +50C or in Fahrenheit from +14 to +122F. In additions, it also works well as an alarm clock and calendar. Small body in size, it can be placed in the desktop or hanging on the wall. Features Digital LCD Thermometer Hygrometer. Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously. Celsius and Fahrenheit display. Clock and calendar function. External probe sensor. Alarm Clock with an eight-minute snooze function. Detect both the temperature and relative humidity of your room or outside temperature. Indicate and record the maximum and minimum data. -1~+4°C frost point alarm. 12-hour and 24-hour display. Desk-top placing or wall hanging. What's in the box? 1 x Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Specifications Temperature Range -10~ + 50°C ( +14 ~ +122°F ) Humidity Range 20%~99%RH Temperature Accuracy ±1°C ( 1.8°F ) Humidity Accuracy ±5% RH Resolution 0.1 °C /°F Temperature and 1.0% Relative Humidity Powered by 1 x AAA 1.5V battery(Battery is not included) Main Color Cream & White N.W. 130g Thermometer Size 9.8L x 2.2W x 10.5H cm Package Size 14.5L x 2W x 21.5H cm Package General post pack
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Original Xiaomi Mi Music Alarm Clock Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
Video Xiaomi's Mi Music Alarm Clock is a smart clock that connects to Android devices over Bluetooth 4.1. It can wake you up in the morning and also aid you better sleep at night by playing soothing music. The Mi Music Alarm Clock features a Tesla-level cell system and a symmetric passive bass vibration absorber design reduces rattling and vibrations when playing music on high volume. So interesting! Besides, it doubles as a Bluetooth Speaker that lets you play music. It has the plastic body, a fabric covered speaker and digital LED lights and dots to display the time. For hours, it has 12 digital LED lights and for minutes, it has 12 LED dots. There is the large button on top of course to shut off the alarm clock and more buttons for settings and adjusting the volume. It is built in 2600mAh battery, which can charge in two hours to support about 8 hours music playing. If you regard it as the only alarm clock, it can support up to 360 hours or 15 days standby time. Redefine the value of alarm clocks Uses music to wake you up from deep sleep step by step. Bass, vibration reducing and noise-canceling Mi Music alarm clock has high-quality bass performance. Even the alarm music is adjusted to maximum, it won't create noise caused by the shaking and friction of the table. Adopts 4 types of acoustic renowned technologies dynamic loudness control, virtual dual sound effect, dynamic range control and low distortion control circuit, to create more stereo and louder voice. Conical cylinder shape with small angle design To make the most concentrated voice. LED lights behind the screen Lights can light up to display the current time. Bluetooth 4.1 connection Pair with your Bluetooth-enabled devices to stream music wirelessly. Easy to operate Adjust the alarm time and volume by one rotating button. Built-in 2600mAh Lithium battery It promised 360 hours standby time if you just use the clock to view time and it offers about 8 hours of music playback over Bluetooth. Note Alarm clock function can only be achieved by connecting to Android devices. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Model Mi Music Alarm Clock Color White Material PC, ABS Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.1 Transmission Distance 10m Frequency range 2400MHz-2480MHz Speaker 45mm, Driver x 3 Speaker impedance 4ohm Sound range 20-20,000 Hz Supported protocols A2DP / AVRCP / SPP Implementation of Standards Q / WMSX005-2016 Operating Temperature 0-40 Deg. C Power Supply Built-in Lithium battery Battery Capacity 2600mAh Battery Life 360 hours Charging time 2-3 hours Charging port Micro USB Max. Output Power 5W Continuous Playback Time 8-10 hours (60% music power) Product size 107 x 107 x 57 mm Product Weight 300g Package Contents 1 x Mi Music Alarm Clock
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1.7 LCD Digital Timer (1 x AAA) novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
Color: White - Plastic case material - 1.7" LCD display - Count up / down function - Set time range: 1s ~ 99min 59s - With buzzer alarm (lasts for 32s per time) - Powered by 1 x AAA battery (not included) - Comes with Chinese manual
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Camera Lens Digital Alarm Clock with LED Star Sky Projection novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
This is a pretty cool calendar alarm clock inspired by camera lens. It can show calender, time and temperature via the camera lens. Dynamic, colored starry sky projection will bring you comfortable visual enjoyment. Multiple Function It can display calendar, time, week, date and temperature. Snooze Function It will play music again when snooze function is opened, suitable for people who like to sleep. Backlight Function Backlight will stop automatically in 8 seconds when the button is operated. LED Projection Super charming sky projection will increase romantic atmosphere in the evening. Available Time Mode You can choose 12 hours mode or 24 hours mode according to your habit. Specifications Name Camera Lens Alarm Clock Material ABS and electronic component Color Black, white Motivity Type Digital Screen Type LED Shape Circular Battery 3 x AAA batteries (not included) Product Weight 185g Product Size 10L x 14W x 10H cm Package Size 10.5L x 15W x 10.5H cm Package Contents 1 x Camera Lens Alarm Clock, 1 x User Manual
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Novelty Electronic Piano Musical Instrument Gloves (4*AAA) novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
Each fingertip has been set an acuminous sensor can play a different note - 8 different musical instrument tones like piano bass violin guitar trumpet drum xylophone music box - 20 distinct background rhythms such as dance hard rock shffle jazz funk beat... - Demo mode with six pre-recorded songs: you are my sunshine happy birthday... - Lightweight & portable easy to carry and easy to use - With a clip could be hung on a belt when playing - With a built-in speaker can adjust the volume freely - LED light for indicating ON/OFF - Power Switch to turn ON/OFF - Produce happiness and surprise with this magic item on Christmas New Year Party Valentine's Day etc. - Also a good instrument to learn and practice music playing - Glove color: white (right hand) + black (left hand) - Power supply: 4 x AAA batteries (not included) - English user manual included
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BSIDE EHT01 Indoor Electron Hygrothermograph w/ Alarm Clock - White + Black (1 x AAA) novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
SAFETY INFORMATION It is recommended that you read the users manual thoroughly before operating the units. Warning About the battery 1. Do not put the battery directly into flames. Additionally do not attempt to short take apart alter or recharge the battery. Any of these actions may result in battery leakage overheating fire or explosion. 2. If any liquid from the battery enters the eyes or comes in contact with your body wash the contacted area thoroughly with water consult a physician immediately. 3. Continued use of an old/expired battery may result in leakage or explosion. 4. Insert the battery in the correct polarity. Otherwise may result in battery leakage or explosion. 5. Only use battery types specified in this manual. 6. Keep removed battery in a place that is out of reach of the hands of children. If a child inadvertently swallows a battery consult a physician immediately . Caution About the battery 1. Always remove the battery when it is depleted or if you are not planning to use this product for an extended period of time. Keeping it in the product may result in leakage or explosion. 2. Follow all local rules and regulations when disposing of the battery. (Be sure to replace the dry cell battery at least once a year) 3. If a depleted battery is left inside the product fluid inside the battery may leak. When the battery is depleted replace it with a fresh battery as soon as possible and dispose of the depleted battery in a proper manner that corresponds to local rules and regulations. About the LCD panel 1. Characters displayed on the LCD panel will appear lighter and darker depending on the viewing angle. 2. The LCD display may become dull in low temperatures and darken in high temperatures. 3. Do not touch the screen of the LCD panel with your fingers. This may cause the screen to become dirty. 4. If the LCD panel is left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time the screen may turn black and become impossible to read. About the unit 1. This may result in injury or damage that the user attempt to take apart modify or repair the unit. 2. This product is not waterproof. Do not immerse in water or allow to come into contact with water or rain. 3. Do not use in areas where there is a lot of dust. This may result in damage. 4. Do not touch with wet hands. 5. Avoid any strong shocks or jolts to the product. 6. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight for extended period of time. 7. Place the product where children cannot reach it. 8. Wipe with a soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent. Never use spray cleaners benzene or thinners. 9. This product is not suitable for medical or industrial use. Please refer to it as a guide for temperature and humidity levels during normal everyday use. FEATURES Temperature display in ºC/ºF with MIN./MAX. records. Humidity display in % R.H. with MIN./MAX. records. All MIN./MAX. recordings can be reset. Comfort level indicator : COMFORT WET DRY. Calendar alarm clock announce hour and 12/24 hours system clock. Wall mounting or table standing. Function button SELECT : 1. Press button is less than 1 second Converting between clock and alarm clock. 2. Press and hold button is for 2 seconds Setting clock and calendar or alarm clock. SET/DATE : 1. Date indicates at clock mode. 2. Adjust the value of setting item alarm clock and announce hour on/off. MAX/MIN : 1. Press to view the MAX. or MIN. indoor temperature and humidity records 2. Press and Hold for 2 seconds to clear the MAX. or MIN. records. ºC/ºF : Selecting the temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. RESET : Clear all the setting and memory return to the original status. OPERATIONS Open battery cover Place 1 x AAA IEC R03-1.5V battery into the compartment. All segments of the LCD will light up. The indoor temperature humidity level time will be displayed. Time setting : Press and hold [SELECT] button for 2-seconds the minute starts gleaming then pressing [SET/DATE] button to adjust the minutes. The reading can be increased 1 when press [SET/DATE] button once. You can press and hold button until satisfied reading appeared. Press [SELECT] button twice to set up hour then press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the hours. Press [SELECT] button three times to select 12 / 24 hours system then press [SET/DATE] button to select. Press [SELECT] button four times to set up year then press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the years. Press [SELECT] button five times to set up month then press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the months. Press [SELECT] button six times to set up day then press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the days . Press [SELECT] button once again to confirm. Alarm clock setting: Press [SELECT] button once to enter the alarm clock gleaming Second stopped. Then press and hold [SELECT] button 2 seconds the minute starts gleaming press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the minutes. Press [SELECT] button once again the hour starts gleaming press [SET/DATE] button to adjust the hours press [ SELECT] button twice to confirm. Alarm clock turn on /off: Press [SELECT] once to enter alarm clock gleaming Second stopped. Press [SET/DATE] button a alarm clock symbol will appear Press [SET/DATE] button the announce hour symbol will appear. Press [SET/DATE] button once again the alarm clock and announce hour symbol will appear synchronously it means that the alarm clock and announce hour function are both turn on. Continue to press [SET/DATE] can turn on or turn off follow in proper sequence Press [ SELECT] to confirm. Calendar display: At clock mode press [SET/DATE] to display the date automatically it will be back after 3 seconds. MAX/MIN Humidity and temperature display: Press [MAX/MIN] button to display MAX/MIN temperature and humidity from the memory meantime the MAX and MIN symbol will appear . Press the button for 2 seconds to clear the memory. THE COMFORT LEVEL INDICATOR: The COMFORT symbol will appear when temperature is 2026 6878.8and relative humidity is 50%70%RH. WET symbol will appear at any temperature when relative humidity is over than 70%RH. DRY symbol will appear at any temperature when relative humidity is below 50%RH. Notice: Because of hands influence Place it alone for an hour then to read after setting finished. MAINTENANCE Replacing battery Remove the battery from battery compartment. Replace a new AAA battery with polarity as indicated on the bottom of battery compartment. Place the battery cover.
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HIGHSTAR Model A Fluorescent Message Board Alarm Clock Digital Calendar Thermometer Fluorescent Light novelty run around wake up n catch me digital alarm clock on wheels white 4 aaa
Model A Fluorescent Message Board Alarm Clock Brand: HIGHSTAR This is Model A (No USB Ports & USB Cable) Model B please search Product ID: 1002245 ( 4 USB Ports & USB Cable) Batteries and DC cable are not included Are you still in trouble of forgetting things? Leave yourself a massage on this board, and set the alarm. It will remind you with music and bright words. Do you want give someone surprise? Are you worried about patient forgetting medication? Do you need a decent gift now? JUST BRING IT HOME. :) FUNCTIONS Highlighter Memo Board Date, Time, Temperature Switchable Celsius & Fahrenheit Formats 3 Groups of AlaRm & Snooze Function Birthday Celebration Count Down & Stopwatch Function 16 World Famous Songs Calendar Inquiry Between 2000 & 2099 12-hour or 24-hour Formats HIGHLIGHTER The package will come with a highlighter. One side is erase head, the other is pen point. It's easy to draw and wipe. When this pen is run out, don't worry. It can be replaced by ordinary highlighter. SPECIFICATION: Material: ABS Plastic & Electronic Movement Brand: HIGHSTAR Model: A (No USB Port & USB Cable) Light Color: Blue, Green Power Supply: 3 x AAA / DC4.5 Battery and DC cable are not included Size: 138 x 65 x 116mm PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 x Model A Message Board Alarm Clock; 1 x Highlighter; 1 x Manual Model B Click Here SKU299542 Are your computer's USB ports not enough? This clock is equivalent to a USB converter. It is also a power bank to charge your cellphone.
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