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Peter Block Stewardship. Choosing Service Over Self-Interest peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Stewardship was provocative, even revolutionary, when it was first published in 1993, and it remains every bit as relevant and radical today. Most organizations still rely on patriarchy and hierarchy as their core form of governance, stifling initiative and spirit and alienating people from the work they do. Peter Block asserts that a fundamental shift in how we distribute power, privilege, and the control of money can transform every part of an organization for the better, and he examines the nitty-gritty of implementing these reforms. This revised and expanded edition includes a new introduction by Block addressing what has and hasn’t changed since the first edition and a new chapter on applying stewardship to the common good of the wider community. This visionary yet pragmatic book is sure to open your mind and change the way you do your job forever.
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Stewardship in Leadership peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Every human being is basically, consistently and irretrievably self-centered. This is a universal truth. God knows this and that is the reason every command of God is predicated upon the assumption of self-interest. For example we are told “Give”. Why? That “it will be given unto you”. Self-interest. Again “judge not”. Why? “Lest you be judged”. Self-interest. The Bible establishes the fact that God is the Owner; man is the steward, not even a partner. “All things were made through Him, and without Him was nothing made that was made” (John 1:3). God not only owns the natural world, He also owns all living creatures according to their kinds. We must therefore exercise faithful stewardship in order to benefit from God’s gift in every area of divine provision including natural, spiritual physical, environmental, business. Personal stewardship is the best means of expressing gratitude to God for his love to us in Christ.
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Peter Brinckerhoff C. Smart Stewardship for Nonprofits. Making the Right Decision in Good Times and Bad peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
A practical guide to effective decision-making frameworks and tools for nonprofits that ensure successful stewardship The basic tenets of decision making for nonprofits are similar, whether you're growing, shrinking, or trying to think your way out of a box. Smart Stewardship for Nonprofits provides the tools to make the best stewardship decisions in these varied, but common, situations. Coverage includes the keys to smart stewardship for your nonprofit, the smart stewardship decision tree, understanding capability and capacity, making innovation the norm, understanding the true cost of growth, going to scale, and smart stewardship in bad times. Features tools to make the best stewardship decisions in every kind of situation Written for executive directors of nonprofit organizations, nonprofit board members, CPAs, and other financial counsel for nonprofits, development directors Provides a website hosting a variety of online tools and materials Also by Peter Brinckerhoff: Mission-Based Marketing, Mission-Based Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and Faith-Based Management With innovative organizational change initiatives to foster new growth and effectiveness, Smart Stewardship for Nonprofits offers your nonprofit the critical guidance it needs to get there.
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Charles D. Ellis Stewardship. Lessons Learned from the Lost Culture of Wall Street peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
A compelling argument for why stewardship of wealth and service to others should be our highest financial priority Stewardship is the journey of financial insider John Taft towards understanding and affirming the importance of stewardship—which he has come to define as «serving others»—as a core principle for the financial services industry, the global financial system, and society at large. By defining the attributes of authentic stewardship, this book presents a path forward by analyzing the success of Canadian banks in weathering the financial crisis; evaluates the effectiveness of global financial reform efforts in making the financial system safer, sounder, and more secure; offers wealth management prescriptions for individual investors; evaluates the potential of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investment processes as a way to instill stewardship behaviors among corporate CEOs (particularly at financial services firms); and, ultimately, calls for a return to stewardship's core principles as the key to not only minimizing the scope and consequences of future failures, but also to addressing other societal challenges. Argues for a return towards stewardship, with financial services companies doing right by their customers Analyzes the response of Canadian banks to the financial crisis to provide meaningful advice for investors and businesses alike Inspired by Taft's experience running one of the largest wealth management firms in the country during the financial crisis and his direct participation in subsequent legislative and regulatory efforts to rewrite the rules under which the U.S. securities industry operates From the man who made the decision to reimburse clients affected by the collapse of a money market mutual fund comes a compelling look at why financial service companies should start doing what's right for their customers.
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Does Faith-Based Worldview Predict Confidence in College Major peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
This study attempts to show a relationship between being spiritual and choosing a college major. Using one public research institution, this quantitative, longitudinal study used secondary data from the Cooperative Institutional Research Program from the years 2000–2011. The survey included items that asked students about their spiritual preference,their confidence in choosing a major, philosophy of life, and participation in community service. Results indicated direct effects from choosing a major and being involved in community service. The study also showed direct effects of choosing a major and developing a meaningful philosophy of life. The strongest finding in this study was the gap in students changing their major (90% of college students from this institution say that they will change their major).
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Competition Over Content – Negotiating Standards for the Joint Civil Service Examinations in Imperial China (1127–1279) peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Competition Over Content – Negotiating Standards for the Joint Civil Service Examinations in Imperial China (1127–1279)
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Self-regulation peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest


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Self-regulation peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
'Self-regulation is the holy grail' - Peter Hoekstra, manager of FC Groningen The document you hold in your hands is bringing a new aspect to the use of self-regulation in soccer. The experiment conducted is one of very few looking at self-regulation and its effect on overall soccer performance. In short, two elite youth soccer players are put through a thorough self-regulation training program while continuosly being evaluated on their on-field performance. The time when soccer was all about physical attributes is over. The time for introducing mental aspects, especially self-regulation is overdue in order to accelerate and better the development of youth soccer players. This book gives you valuable in depth information on self-regulation and better, how to utilize it whether you are a player, coach or parent in any sport.
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Customer Service PowerPoint Content peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Ready, Set, Present (PowerPoint Content): Customer Service: The quality of customer service can make or break a business. Understand the basics of good customer service. Slides include topics such as: Understanding the basics of effective customer service, addressing excuses, examining behaviors, 7 steps to customer service, words to use and words to avoid, top 10 customer complaints, 5 common customer requests, implementing a good customer service program, service standards, 4 steps to super service, how to's and more. Slides can easily be tailored to your specific needs (make handouts, create overheads and use them with an LCD projector) and are available for license. 100+ PowerPoint slides prepackaged on a PC compatible CD Rom. Each slide includes slide transitions, clipart and animation. Software Requirements: Windows 95 and PowerPoint 97 or higher. You may use this product over and over again.
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Internal Service Climate and Empowerment Effect on Job Satisfaction peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Currently, services account for over 50 percent of gross domestic product in many countries and over one quarter of world trade. In a dynamic, global business environment, service industries try to compete by providing high-quality customer service via empowering their workforce. Thus, both industry and academia have shown a growing interest in the concept of employee empowerment. Empowerment has become particularly important for services, aiming to control or enhance service quality and customer satisfaction at the point of service production. Furthermore, empowerment increases job satisfaction and reduces role stress. Correspondingly, this book provides simple, clear and logical elaboration to the topic from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The book explains the relationship between internal service climate and psychological empowerment. Besides to this, it indicates the effect of Internal service climate and psychological empowerment on employees job satisfaction. Therefor, entirely this book might be important for both academicians and practitioners.
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