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Redefining Stewardship of Land and Oil Mineral Resources in Nigeria peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
This book - Redefining Stewardship of Land and Oil Mineral Resources in Nigeria: A theological-Ethical Response to Land Occupancy and Oil Minerals Management in a Developing Economy approaches the issues concerning the management of oil resources derived from land and mineral resources in two inter-related ways. First, by tracing theological- ethical roots of postcolonial land laws and land occupancy in Nigeria, and second,by examining its African traditional components using anecdotal tales from Niger Delta. It draws attention to the predicaments which inhabitants of the oil producing communities suffer at the hands of multinational oil prospecting, oil producing, and oil marketing companies. With both empirical and scientific data the book illustrates a principle of "Girrafe" used in most African countries for sharing communal assets and liabilities. It redefines the concept of stewardship based on an analysis of a "giraffe enecdote" encountered among the Ogba of Nigeria. The book is recommended for University professors, research students and undergraduates as well as for policy makers,estate valuers and general readers.
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Are Immigrants in Sweden Choosing Other Universities than Natives? peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
This study investigates whether there is a difference in the reputation/status of the university immigrants and native Swedes choose. If there is a systematic difference, that could have serious consequences for the labor market outcome of the two groups. The compositions of students at two universities in Sweden are compared, Malmo University and Lund University. The objective is to investigate whether there are more immigrants, first- and/or second generation, studying at Malmo University compared to Lund University. The results show that there are differences between the two groups that can not be explained by minimum grades of admission or pre-market factors. The findings of the study raise more questions than they answer. Hopefully, it can inspire researchers or students to conduct more research on what causes the differences between the two groups and if similar results could be found using other univerisities. Also, the study should be of interest for those who strive after ethnical and cultural diveristy at any school or university
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Liz  Gallacher ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Everything you need to prepare for the ITIL exam – Accredited to 2011 syllabus The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) exam is the ultimate certification for IT service management. This essential resource is a complete guide to preparing for the ITIL Foundation exam and includes everything you need for success. Organized around the ITIL Foundation (2011) syllabus, the study guide addresses the ITIL Service Lifecycles, the ITIL processes, roles, and functions, and also thoroughly explains how the Service Lifecycle provides effective and efficient IT services. Offers an introduction to IT service management and ITIL V3 service strategy Highlights the topics of service design and development and the service management processes Reviews the building, testing, authorizing, documenting, and implementation of new and changed services into operation Addresses creating and maintaining value for customers through monitoring and improving services, processes, and technology Download valuable study tools including practice exams, flashcards, a glossary of key terms and more. If you prefer self-study over the more expensive training course, but you don't want to skimp on information or preparation, then this study guide is for you.
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