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Impact Of Service Learning On Staff Members peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Over the course of five years, I was educated on the concepts and the benefits of service learning, and given the opportunity to introduce service learning to a middle school. My goal in researching this topic was to discover the benefits of service learning for staff. The research data revealed staff members were able to see the impact of service learning on students, but they had a difficult time noticing the impact on themselves. More research is needed on how staff members perceive the impact of service learning.
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Employee satisfaction and service performance in banking sector peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Is it true that satisfied employees demonstrate a higher level of service performance? What can raise employees' job satisfaction and what aspects of job are valuable for staff? In contemporary competitive environment these questions are of current interest of researchers and businesses. This book incorporates theoretical background covering this issue and presents a research conducted in a Russian Bank. Due to their constant contact with customers, front-line employees have been selected for survey. Firstly, employees' job satisfaction was studied with focus to intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect the general job satisfaction. Secondly, service performance was measured by combination of self-assessed method and the company's reports. And, finally, the relationship between job satisfaction and performance was explored. The book can have value for students, researchers and business people.
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Financial control and service delivery at Mukono local government peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Service delivery is at the heart of all local governments in Uganda’s districts. For this reason, Mukono district like all other districts in the country is implementing internal controls as a means of improving service delivery. In this research study, the major variables of interest were internal controls and service delivery. It focuses on the internal controls being implemented by Mukono district local government; services provided by local governments including Mukono district; challenges faced by Mukono district local government in providing services and the respective contributions of internal controls towards service delivery by Mukono district local governments. This book therefore highlights on how internal financial controls enhance service delivery. The readers of this work will get to understand how financial systems have impacted on service delivery not only in Uganda, but East Africa at large.
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Theory and Practice in Service-Learning Curriculum Design peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
This study examines the experience of 12 postsecondary education faculty and administrators during and after a week-long faculty development seminar on service-learning pedagogy. The seminar, entitled “Connecting Service Experience with Classroom Instruction: Theory and Practice in Service-Learning Curriculum Design,” was developed to stimulate faculty interest in connecting students’ public service with academic study and to enable them to design courses that implement this pedagogy. Focus is on factors in the seminar participants, in the seminar, and in participants’ institutions that encouraged or inhibited successful undertaking of service-learning course development in the year following the seminar. Implications for practice and research in service-learning faculty development are identified.
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Peter Grundy Beginners peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Contains over 100 activities for both absolute and 'false' beginners, and for adults and children.
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A Study of Service-Learning Institutionalization at a Baptist College peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Service-learning pedagogy has gained the interest of teachers, professors, and administrators alike who are seeking innovative ways to engage students in their surrounding communities as a continuation of the educational experience. As more colleges seek ways to better incorporate service-learning into the fabric of the educational experience, Tolbert and Zucker's Component Process of Institutionalization (1996) could provide a theoretical framework for campus-wide service-learning institutionalization. Exploring the case of Baptist-affiliated college's campus-wide institutionalization of service-learning, Long offers new insights into the process of institutionalization of service-learning at a Baptist college. This case study could provide higher education leadership with a blueprint for successful institutionalization of service-learning on a parochial campus.
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The Intellectual Property Rights Protection of Service Concepts peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Services and service innovation are significant for the global economy as the future’s hope of economic growth lies in innovative service business. The current IP legislation offers limited law-based means of protection of service concepts. Thus, my thesis aims to provide insights into how service concepts can be protected de lege lata by trademarks, copyright and unfair business practices legislation, and explore what other means of protection exist for service concepts outside the legislation. I also discuss the de lege ferenda possibility to protect service concepts by business method patents. Because of the similarities and the same existing ambiguity of the non-legal terms ‘concept’ and ‘format’, the debate about the copyright protection of TV formats is also of interest.
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On Even Length Codes over Finite Rings peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Codes over finite rings have been studied in the early 1970. A great deal of attention has been given to codes over finite rings from 1990, because of their new role in algebraic coding theory and their successful application. Linear and cyclic codes over rings have recently aroused great interest because of their new roles in coding theory and their successful application in combined coding and modulation. There has been much interest and research in codes over finite rings of even length. In recent years, more work has been done for the structure of negacyclic / constacyclic codes of even length over finite rings. Ranks, minimal spannig sets, and a Gray mapps will be useful on the studying these codes. It will be interesting to construct a decoding algorithm for these codes that works for any length n.
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