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Meeeno MN-EB-KEYLK Self-Locking Button of Building Block - Orange + Blue peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Brand Meeeno Model MN-EB-KEYLK Quantity 1 Color Orange + blue Material Semi glass fiber board FR4 Features Digital button building block you can use it to start your sensor project Specification 3P buckled wires connector; Easy to operate; Plug and play; Large button keypad and high-quality first-class hat; Voltage: 3.5V~5V; Current: 10~20mA Application Great for Arduino education DIY project open source program microcontroller learning and experiment. English Manual/Spec Yes Packing List 1 x Self-locking button
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Peter Smith K. Children and Play. Understanding Children's Worlds peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
The role of play in child development is a source of ongoing interest and debate. In this book, renowned expert Peter Smith offers an expansive definition of the term “play”, taking an in-depth look at its impact on children, as well as its adaptive value for birds and mammals, including primates. Using both contemporary and classic research, Smith examines how different age groups and sexes participate in a wide variety of play, including exercise and rough-and- tumble play, fantasy play and imaginary friends, and play with objects. The book gauges the function of play in early childhood education and makes the case for and against recess breaks in school. How play occurs in different societies and among various populations – including children with special needs – is also explored. With its comprehensive coverage of theoretical, historical, cross-cultural, and evolutionary perspectives, Children and Play holds significant insights for parents, educators, and clinicians.
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Peter  Hall Cities of Tomorrow. An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design Since 1880 peter block stewardship choosing service over self interest
Peter Hall’s seminal Cities of Tomorrow remains an unrivalled account of the history of planning in theory and practice, as well as of the social and economic problems and opportunities that gave rise to it. Now comprehensively revised, the fourth edition offers a perceptive, critical, and global history of urban planning and design throughout the twentieth-century and beyond. A revised and updated edition of this classic text from one of the most notable figures in the field of urban planning and design Offers an incisive, insightful, and unrivalled critical history of planning in theory and practice, as well as of the underlying socio-economic challenges and opportunities Comprehensively revised to take account of abundant new research published over the last decade Reviews the development of the modern planning movement over the entire span of the twentieth-century and beyond Draws on global examples throughout, and weaves the author’s own fascinating experiences into the text to illustrate this authoritative story of urban growth
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