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Face Recognition using PCA &LDA Algorithm photo catalog face recognition
Over the last decades, numerous face recognition methods have been proposed to overcome the problem limited by the current technology associated with face variations. Among them, the PCA/LDA method has known to be one of the best face recognition methods. In this thesis, we implement a face recognition method, using PCA&LDA Algorithm and compare these both algorithms with respect to time, memory and accuracy. Face recognition has received substantial attention from researches in biometrics, pattern recognition field and computer vision communities. Face recognition can be applied in Security measure at Air ports, Passport verification, Criminals list verification in police department, Visa processing , Verification of Electoral identification and Card Security measure at ATM’s
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Using 3D Morphable Models for 3D Avatars and 2D Face Recognition photo catalog face recognition
In the past decade, 3D statistical face model has received much attention by both the commercial and public sectors. It can be used for face modelling for photo-realistic personalized 3D avatars and for the application 2D face recognition technique in biometrics. This book describes how to achieve an automatic 3D face reconstruction system that could be helpful for building photo-realistic personalized 3D avatars and for 2D face recondition with pose variability.
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Face Recognition a Challenge in Biometrics photo catalog face recognition
Face recognition is a difficult problem .Thedimension reduction and the skill to acquire minimumsize of feature vector required for face recognitionfor diverse facial expressions is a challenging taskin face recognition. Dimension reduction results inremoval of irrelevant variables along with noisetherein and a lower computation complexity ofsubsequent processing. This book addresses thechallenges of dimension reduction, choice of minimumsize feature vector for face recognition andminimization of adverse effects of varying facialexpressions on the recognition through reduction inimage resolution. Face images with varying imageresolution are obtained through image decimation.Improved recognition rate results are also reportedusing novel coefficients selection and optimizationmethods in DFT, DCT and DWT based face recognitionmethods. The experiments are carried out for variousimage resolutions using five different datasets.
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