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Secure Data Collection & Critical Data Transmission in Mobile Sink WSN secure data collection
This book gives an excellent overview on secure and energy efficient data collection taking sink as the dynamic and other sensors are static in Wireless Sensor Networks. Mobile sink wireless sensor networks (MSWSN) Sensor nodes are low cost tiny devices with limited storage, computational capability and power except the sink node. Mobile sink has no resource limitation. Here we proposed energy efficient secure data collection techniques with mobile sink wireless sensor networks and secure the data collection process using symmetric key cryptography. we also proved an existing protocol Sensor Protocol for Information via Negation (SPIN) is efficient for critical data transmission to the mobile sink. Then we make it as the secured protocol by using symmetric key cryptography. All the simulation has been carried out with NS 2.34. This work is supported by the literature survey in the area of Mobile Sink Wireless Sensor Networks to make it complete.
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Privacy Preserving Data Mining secure data collection
Data mining is under attack from privacy advocates because of a misunderstanding about what it actually is and a valid concern about how it’s generally done. This analysis shows how technology from the security community can change data mining for the better, providing all its benefits while still maintaining privacy. Recently, a new class of data mining methods, known as privacy preserving data mining (PPDM) algorithms has been developed by the research community working on security and knowledge discovery. The aim of these algorithms is the extraction of relevant knowledge from large amount of data, while protecting at the same time sensitive information. Several PPDM techniques have been developed that allow one to hide sensitive item sets or patterns, before the data mining process is executed, such as randomization, k anonymity, data perturbation, secure multiparty computation etc.We mainly analysis two most general & secure approach of PPDM – Data Perturbation &Secure Multiparty Computation. Based on the analysis, the solution for PPDM is developed for demonstration. This Analysis should be especially useful to professionals in Cryptography and Data Mining fields.
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Reversible Data Hiding Techniques for VQ-Compressed Domain secure data collection
Data hiding is designed to solve the problem of secure information exchange through networks such as Internet. In that, reversible data hiding is the good technique for recovering original images without any distortion after secret data are extracted from the stego image. This technique continues to attract attention from many researchers. In this work, three reversible data hiding schemes are proposed to embed secret data into the VQ and SMVQ compressed image.
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A-Data SDHC 32Gb Class10 ASDH32GUICL10-R Ultra speed secure data collection
Тип Secure Digital Hc Объем памяти 32 Гб Класс скорости Class 10 Поддержка Uhs-I Uhs Class 1 Скорость чтения 50 Мб/с Скорость записи 33 Мб/с
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Mobile Data Collection and Storage secure data collection
Mobile usage grows very strongly in the recent years: we have more mobile users and more mobile data traffic which turns out the revolution of data collection. One common problem for the data collection is the expenses for collecting data from different data sources. One existing solution is outsourcing tasks in order to save personnel and travel expenses, which is called participatory sensing or community sensing. There are some more questions that are worth to be discussed in this book: What kind of data can we collect using mobile devices? Why do we use mobile devices to collect data? Is the accuracy good enough for research purposes? How do we store the data? In this book we will analyze the requirements of mobile data crowd sensing, come up with a data collection and storage solution by developing a mobile client prototype, and integrate it with an apposite service back­end via Rest API.
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