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ROMEO AND JULIET IN THE LIGHT OF EASTERN FOLK TALES shakespeare william rdr cd [lv 2] romeo and juliet
The researcher''s present work, Romeo and Juliet in the light of Eastern folk-tales is a comparative study of Shekespear''s play---Romeo and Juliet and the eastern folk-tales Hir Ranhja, Sassi Punnu and Sohni Mahinwal. The research interprets that there is relationship between these stories in their style and structure. In this thesis dialectical relations among character, language and action are studied. The researcher has gone to a great deal of pains in collecting and putting together the material for his work. Although the work is on limited scale yet, it is a valuable addition in the field of folk-tales and perhaps the first work on its type. It is hoped that this research will be a gate way of those who want to work on eastern and western folk-tales. This thesis is selected by the National Book Council of Pakistan, in their scheme, "Encouragement and Support to Pakistani creative Publications."
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The Royal Ballet: Covent Garden: Romeo & Juliet shakespeare william rdr cd [lv 2] romeo and juliet
Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet has long been one of the greatest successes in The Royal Ballet repertoire, winning worldwide acclaim as an impassioned and thrilling view of Shakespeare's tragedy and o! Prokofiev's glorious score. His sensual choreography poignantly captures the conflict between blossoming love and cankerous revenge. Romeo end Juliet calls upon the full forces of a great company of dance-actors to present the street fights of the feuding Capulets and Montagues in renaissance Verona, and also to convey the splendour of such scenes as the Capulet ball. It also requires a ballerina and a premier danseur able to express the raptures and despair that mark the young lovers' tragedy. In Aiessandra Ferri and Wayne Eagling the roles are lived with tremendous intensity, whether soaring during the balcony pas de deux or caught in the last agonising moments in the Capulet vault.
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The Merchant of Venice shakespeare william rdr cd [lv 2] romeo and juliet
The classic book, The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare! There's a reason why The Merchant of Venice is one of the best books of all time. If you haven't read this classic, then you'd better pick up a copy of The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare today!
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Augustine Skottowe The life of Shakespeare. Vol. 2 shakespeare william rdr cd [lv 2] romeo and juliet
Полный вариант заголовка: «The life of Shakespeare : Vol. 2 : enquiries into the originality of his dramatic plots and characters : and essays on the ancient theatres and theatrical usages : in 2 volumes / by Augustine Skottowe».
Macbeth: Upper Level (+ 2 CD-ROM) shakespeare william rdr cd [lv 2] romeo and juliet
Shakespeare's Scottish story of magic and murder is one of his darkest works. Macbeth's bloody rise to power is encouraged by his wife, Lady Macbeth. Their ambition leads them into a world of guilt and madness which destroys their marriage - and ends in tragedy. This Macmillan Reader is written as a playscript and includes original extracts from Macbeth. Extra grammar and vocabulary exercises; Notes about the story; Notes about the life of William Shakespeare; Points for Understanding comprehension questions; Glossary of difficult vocabulary; Audio CD/download available for this title. Retold by Margaret Tarner.
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Постельное белье СайлиД Постельное белье Juliet (2 сп. евро) shakespeare william rdr cd [lv 2] romeo and juliet
Производитель: СайлиД Материал: Хлопковый сатин Состав: 100% хлопок Размер: Двуспальное (евро) Размер пододеяльника: 200х220 см Тип застежки пододеяльника: Пуговицы Тип застежки наволочек: Прорезь Размер простыни: 230х250 (обычная) Размер наволочек: 50х70 и 70х70 (по 2 шт) Упаковка комплекта: Подарочная коробка Cтрана бренда: Китай
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A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare CD : 1599 shakespeare william rdr cd [lv 2] romeo and juliet
Book DescriptionAn intimate history of Shakespeare, following him through a single year that changed not only his fortunes but the course of literature. How did Shakespeare go from being a talented poet and playwright to become one of the greatest writers who ever lived? In this one exhilarating year we follow what he reads and writes, what he sees, and who he works with as he invests in the new Globe Theatre and creates four of his most famous plays -- Henry V, Julius Caesar,As You Like It, and, most remarkably, Hamlet. James Shapiro illuminates both Shakespeare's staggering achievement and what Elizabethans experienced in the course of 1599: sending off an army to crush an Irish rebellion, weathering an Armada threat from Spain, gambling on a fledgling East India Company, and waiting to see who will succeed their aging and childless Queen. This book brings the news and intrigue of the times together with a wonderful evocation of how Shakespeare worked as an actor, businessman, and playwright. The result is an exceptionally immediate and gripping account of an inspiring moment in history. This audio includes a selection of scenes from Henry V, Julius Caesar, As YouLike It, and Hamlet featuring performances by Vanessa Redgrave, Paul Scofield, Ian Holm, and many more.
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