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Dympna Callaghan Who Was William Shakespeare? An Introduction to the Life and Works shakespeare william rdr cd [lv 2] romeo and juliet
A new study of Shakespeare’s life and times, which illuminates our understanding and appreciation of his works. Combines an accessible fully historicised treatment of both the life and the plays, suited to both undergraduate and popular audiences Looks at 24 of the most significant plays and the sonnets through the lens of various aspects of Shakespeare’s life and historical environment Addresses four of the most significant issues that shaped Shakespeare’s career: education, religion, social status, and theatre Examines theatre as an institution and the literary environment of early modern London Explains and dispatches conspiracy theories about authorship
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Спот IDLamp Juliet 391/4PF-LEDOldbronze shakespeare william rdr cd [lv 2] romeo and juliet
Спот IDLamp Juliet 391/4PF-LEDOldbronze
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